Why add a Jumbo Jumper to your venue? 

  • Rated #1 Agritainment Attraction

    Installing pillows at agritainment farms, campgrounds and other venues since 2007, our Jumbo Jumpers have grown immensely in popularity and now rank as a #1 attraction on farms.
  • Entertain All Ages

    One of the best things about the Jumbo Jumper is that it entertains guests big and small, old and young. While we do recommend seperating jumpers by size for safety reasons, your Jumbo Jumper is one attraction sure to entertain the whole family.
  • Low Labor Costs

    With labor costs being a top expense for all of us, there's no doubt how important it is to add entertainment value while keeping labor as low as possible. Your Jumbo Jumper pillow is a perfect solution, requiring minimal employees to operate it safely.
  • Low Maintenance

    Our goal is to do the hard work and make your job as easy as possible. Once our experienced team installs your pillow, maintenance from that point on is minimal. Your air pillow will come with a safety manual that outlines the steps to maintain your Jumbo Jumper, making it as simple as 1-2-3.


Jumbo Jumper Features

Where differences matter

Safety Switch
Only air pillow that is licensed in all 50 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces, due to our safety and engineered design.
Compact Handle
Stamped Drawings
We'll provide stamped, engineered blueprints for permitting and to reduce legal ramifications if an accident did occur.
Quality Stainless
Anchoring System
Unique anchoring system like no other (no need for new ropes on a re-install 10-15 years later, allowing for a tighter install with less digging)
Non-slip Handle
No Steel
No steel in underground anchoring that can be expensive to purchase and deteriorate over time.
Non-slip Handle
NFPA 701
Only pillow product with an NFPA 701 fire retardant rating.
Non-slip Handle
Premium UV non-slip material that is custom made for this application only.
Non-slip Handle
Hard Water
Unique installation method to prevent hard water spots that potentially damage the pillow over time when deflated.
Non-slip Handle
Most detailed owner's manual that is being used by several states as the inspection standard.
Non-slip Handle
New Jersey
Because of our safety features, the Jumbo Jumper is the only product licensed in the state of New Jersey legally.
Non-slip Handle
Safety and rules signs  that reduce liability and communicate rules.
Non-slip Handle
Pre-recorded audio safety narrations to further reduce liability and enforce rules.
Non-slip Handle
A custom-made breathable cover is available and recommended during your off-season to protect your pillow.
Non-slip Handle
Logo & Colors
Choose from 5 colors & even add a custom logo to personalize your pillow at no additional charge (potentially secure a sponsor to pay for part of pillow)
Non-slip Handle
We've installed more than 850 air pillows in operation at farms, campgrounds and other venues across Canada and the United States.
Non-slip Handle
Receive customer service from a farmer and owner/operator with 5 of his own pillows currently in use.
Non-slip Handle
Because sometimes bigger is better, you'll get a little extra fun with our size 7 pillow, which is 6% larger than other comparable pillows on the market.

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Jumping Above The Rest!

*Some features require third-party apps or integrations, but work from the same core database. The sky is the limit!
**Some features launching end of March.

5 34.77' x 47.83'


6 34.77' x 57.5'


7 34.77' x 67.17'


8 34.77' x 76.17'


What is an Omni-Channel Solution?

* All Jumbo Jumpers come with 5-Year material warranty, 7-Day timer, height safety sign & standard rules sign. Installation is not included and usually runs $1,500 + travel.

Color Options

Choose between 5 primary colors in any order or configuration.

Have questions? Call 801-427-6006

Customize your Jumbo Jumper with your preferred size, color and logo


7 Day Timer  
Managing your new Jumbo Jumper™ is a lot easier with the included 7-day timer. This added feature will help you automatically inflate/deflate your giant air pillow at different times each day of the week. The timer can also assist in cycled maintenance during the off-season to aerate the giant air pillow weekly and automatically when average daytime temperatures reach above 50 degrees. 

Custom Options
Personalize your purchase. Included in the price is the option to print your own one-color logo on both sides of the Jumbo Jumper™. You can also choose any color combination or even request a custom size for a hard-to-fit location or replacing any brand of giant air pillow. The ability to customize the size, color, and logo makes the Jumbo Jumper the most customizable giant air pillow on the market.
Heavy-Duty Canvas
The Jumbo Jumper™ offers two canvas options that are built to last.  The new Premium Canvas offers more resistance to potential UV damage which is the biggest factor to the life expectancy of the giant air pillow surface. The Anti-Slip/Fire Retardant option adds less slip and meets the NFPA 701-2 fire retardation national standard code for area authorities.

Self installation is available for those who are looking to save $ and have some construction experience. Detailed step by step installation instructions will be provided, along with over-the-phone assistance to ensure the installation is done correctly. The process is simple and easy for those with experience. One can expect a half to full day for installation. To have the professional Jumbo Jumper™ team install your giant air pillow, the cost will be $1500 plus travel expenses (expect to pay $400 to $600 for travel). The warranty may be voided with a self installation.

The Jumbo Jumper is the only giant air pillow to be certified for install and operation in the state of New Jersey. It is also licensed and permitted in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Ontario, Canada, each having special regulations.
Protecting your Jumbo Jumper™ is essential to its longevity. Jumbo Jumper offers a custom-made 90% shade cover with a heavy duty tape around the perimeter, and grommets every 12 inches. The cover is designed to keep UV rays out, while still allowing the pillow to breathe and aerate in the off-season, avoiding mold damage.  Please nquire about sizing.
Financing is available upon request. We understand that jumbo-sized dreams need a little help at times. Pay for your Jumbo Jumper via: 
■ Cash or Check 
■ Credit Card 
■ In-house Financing (Call 1-888-798-0596)​ 
■ Clearview Financial View Application​​​ (Call Justin 866-392-3444)
Jumbo Jumper™ is one of the few giant air pillow suppliers that has manufacturer's insurance. In addition, we also recommend the following liability insurance companies: 

■ Donat Insurance Services 
■ Leavitt Recreation 
■ Morency & Associates
■ HUB International 
■ Gillingham & Associates Inc 
■ Zodiac Insurance

These companies are very aware of the giant air pillow and have non-inhibitive and specific policies for insuring Jumbo Jumper products.
Customize your pillow by choosing your own combination of colors, from the following options: 
■  Red
■  Yellow
■  Orange
■  Green
■  Blue


Safety Language
Jumbo Jumpers feature essential safety language and images that far exceed our competition. These additional safety features help employees warn and manage participants to prevent potential injuries. These new features are the result of our close relationship with our previous clients, insurance agents, and their recommendations, along with our own experience in operating 2 Jumbo Jumper giant air pillows. No other giant air pillow supplier has the first-hand operational experience that we offer.
Safety Signs
These industry-leading safety signs are colorful, large, and made of a heavy-duty aluminum shell with a hard plastic core. These signs are available to anyone who has any jumping pillow of any brand. Please consult with your insurance agent first. Included in the base price of your new Jumbo Jumper is a full-color 24" x 36" rules sign and a 48" x 24" height rules sign. CLICK HERE to purchase additional safety signs.

Group Size Limits
Amount of people jumping at the same time per giant air pillow size. Groups are split into participants under 52" and participants over 52". 

Safety Narrations
Narrations play at the push of a button. Choose a timed track or a simple rules track. All tracks come with or without music. Custom narrations are available upon request. Megaphone can be powered by batteries or by a standard 110 volt plug. Megaphone and narrations are included with the purchase of every new Jumbo Jumper. ​ Rules are repeated at the end of each timed session to prepare the next guests for quick entry. 

Safety Manual
These industry leading manuals provide safety and guidance while you install, manage and maintain your Jumbo Jumper giant air pillow. You can read and review the manuals by downloading them. To receive access to view the manuals in their entirety, contact us to request a password.


Check Gravel/Sand Levels  
Be sure to check your pea gravel/sand level. Through the winter months the pea gravel or sand can settle and you may need to fill it in. It should be 5 inches minimum above the air pillow edges and edges should never be exposed. Once your air pillow is inflated, it is always good to double check the height of the air pillow. Optimum height should be between 30” and 48”.  
Over time your air pillow will become dirty. When cleaning your air pillow, use a citrus-based cleaner with a rag or mop. We also recommend using a good UV coating such as 303 Aerospace Protectant to help rejuvenate your pillow - it is a great product to help restore and protect against UV rays. It should take about one gallon per pillow as long as you spread it out. You can buy this cleaner off of Amazon (search “303 protectant aerospace gallon”). If you wish to use a pressure washer, be very cautious to not spray ANY CLOSER than 12 inches from the air pillow. Spraying too close will strip the outside membrane off and thin the lining of the air pillow.

For more frequent maintenance and germ disinfectant, below is the link to a product most frequently used for cleaning wrestling mats, bounce houses, etc. which we believe would be a great option for germ-control use on our pillows.
Safety Signs  
Now that the air pillow has been checked for safety hazards and looking good, don’t forget the finishing touch...the Jumbo Jumper™Signs. Make sure to post them in a visible location where everyone can see them as they enter the air pillow area. If you have more than one air pillow, it might be good to have one sign posted near each of them. 
Audio System   
Is your audio system working and in order? It is always good to double check and make sure your portable microphone and/or megaphone are functioning properly. There are pre-recorded rules and music that is timed for a 5 or 7 minute jumping session. Other custom recordings or timed music can be purchased upon request. Sample recordings can be found in the Safety section above.

Management at the Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow is vital to your business, especially on those busy days. Make sure to have good quality employees that have great customer service, but can also enforce the rules effectively. If rules are enforced, accidents are reduced. Please refer to Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow Owners Manual for additional Checklists & Employee Log books. 

Off Season Care
Caring for your Jumbo Jumper™ in the off season is crucial to making it last. In the off season covering it is the best way to make it last longer. We have covers that are 90% shade cloth with eyelets every two feet. These have been made to fit your pillow and work really well. We highly recommend something like the 90% shade cloth for the reason of letting it breathe as well as keeping the air off of them. When they get wet, bacteria grows on them and that will break down the UV protectant seal which will then break down the jumper. Letting it breathe is a great way to combat that.


Here are a few commonly asked questions...
What is the ideal barrier/safe zone around the pillow?

8 foot buffer that is made up of pea gravel, astro turf, wood chips, or rubber mulch 

How does the pillow hold up in cold weather?

Jumbo Jumpers do very well in colder areas because there is less UV exposure and it lasts longer, especially if properly taken care of. 

How long will pillow last?

Jumbo Jumpers should last 8-15 years in southern states if properly taken care of and 10-18+ years in the northern states. Factors depend on UV exposure, material used as buffer/safe zone, annual UV treatment, covering in off season, implementation of some of our required install steps, and overall usage. 

What can I UV treat pillow with?

Aerospace 303 is the preferred UV treatment used in the Marine/Aqua world and should be applied 1-2 times a year depending on exposure to UV and length of season. It is cheapest to buy on Amazon by the gallon and apply with a small mop after the pillow is cleaned. 

How can I generate revenue?

During hot months the pillow is great exercise and makes guests thirsty, so selling water and other cold drinks nearby is a good way to generate extra revenue!

Is the pillow for little kids and big kids?

The Jumbo Jumper air pillow is for all ages. We do recommend having a 52” height separation between ages jumping together so smaller kids feel safe  and not intimidated by big kids. It works well to rotate big kids for 5-7 minutes and then little kids for 5-7 minutes. Rotate back and forth depending on lines. 

Is the pillow safe?

If your pillow is inflated and installed properly, it is very safe and the jumping impact of others is felt very minimally. The edges are rounded and smoothly transition into the ground, unlike the Jump Pad and other inflatables.

Can the pillow be left inflated at all times?

Pillow can be left inflated during your season but it is recommended to deflate it when it is not attended, or to have the area secured with a locked gate or fence to keep people from wanting to jump on it during closed hours. Pillows need to be deflated in the off season and covered with a breathable cover.

What is the proper cleaning method?

Wet the pillow down and use a mop or towel to hand wipe the surface with a natural (non-acidic) cleaning soap. Never use a high pressure washer at a close distance because it will damage the pillow surface.

Does a trench need dug before install?
Pillow trenches are dug the day of install to keep the trenches clean and from caving in. This will result in a a more perfect install with a sharp clean edge for the pillow.
Can a shade structure be installed over the pillow?
A shade structure can reduce UV exposure and keep pillow surfaces from getting hot during summer months while guests are jumping. It also creates more curb appeal and can be installed for $8,000 to $15,000, depending on specifications.
How many people can jump at a time?
Please refer to our safety section for different heights and number of people at a time.
How is pillow inflated?
It is powered by constant air flow from a 1/2 hp motor that is very quiet and covered by a landscape rock. Customers will not even know it is there because it is so quiet, unlike the loud  fan/motors for traditional inflatables.
How much power is needed?
It is recommended to have a 15 amp breaker. While the motor only pulls 2 amps 110 volts, it is good to have extra power if lights or a drink station is ever considered as an addition.
Is the pillow for little kids and big kids?
Yes, the Jumbo Jumper offers fun for all ages! We do, however, recommend separating groups by height to ensure a safe jumping experience.
Is a fence required?
A fence is not required, but is recommended in most cases because the pillow is so popular and many people will gather to it. If your venue gets large crowds on busy days, there will be no crowd control without a barrier of some type.
What are some general maintenance tips?
Make sure barrier/safe zone material is around the edge of pillow at all times and is a minimum of 5” deep if a loose surface is used. Using the timer we provide, we also recommend making sure the pillow is fully deflated daily. During winter months a cover will typically extend the life of your Jumbo Jumper by 10%-60%.

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