What is an Omni-Channel Solution?

As our digital and online needs grow, we need all of our tools to work together. We need technology that tracks the customer from start to finish. We need to be smarter online.  Our POS needs to talk to our online store. Our curbside needs to work with our website. The only way to do this is to have a true omni-channel solution. 
Introducing Omnify, powered by Shopify. 


Multi-Channel (i.e., “many” channels), in terms of marketing and e-commerce, often treats channels as silos independent from one another. Each channel exists separately and may require separate platforms, logins, contacts, etc.


Omni-Channel (meaning “all” channels) revolves around your customer and creates a single customer experience across your brand by unifying sales and marketing. In this model, each piece of the puzzle "talks to each other" and  is brought together on one platform.

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Omnify is a full omni-channel solution backed by some of the most trusted names and brands!

Eva Foam

Backed by the world's largest small business e-commerce platform

Non slip surface

Created and curated by the world's largest agritainment company

We Do Digital

Developed and supported by one of the biggest names in amusement & attractions


Online ticketing delivered by a 5-star rated platform & mobile app


Full-featured timed, date & reservation ticketing
Sell tickets to just about anything. Sell a timed ticket for a date sensitive event or simple general admission tickets. Sell bookings for field tirps or haunted houses. Use the iOS app to scan and check guests in.
Season Passes
Sell season passes with multiple entry options. Guests upload photos from home, speeding up the check-in process. Access photos from your check-in device for validation of passholder. 
Group Check-in
No matter the group size, whether 5 or 15, you simply click one button to check all in. Single barcodes can also represent multiple ticketing or options. 
Mass Refunding & Store Credit
Got a rain out? No poblem. Send a mass refund or store credit to all those affected by the cancellation. Feature going live 3/31/21
Client Order Editing
Allow the guest to edit their own order when they change their mind, or in the event of a cancellation (rain out or other related issues). Guest can choose a new arrival time or ticket option. Option going live 03/31/21
Set Your Own Ticketing Fees
Choose your own $ and/or % amount per ticket fee. Turn your online ticketing fee into a revenue stream. Learn more.


Social Media
Run Facebook & Instagram ads through Omnify to drive revenue with accurate analytics so you know the ROI of every ad dollar spent.
Email Campaigns
Send your emails via Shopify and see how many $$$ in sales resulted from each email campaign. Plus, utilize automatic campaigns and workflows to automatically email customers based on pre-defined behaviors and actions. Want someone to get a discount coupon for a donut 24 hours after they first bought on at your venue? We can make that happen!
Reputation Management
In a world where online reviews matter more than ever, we'll help manage your Google Business, TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews so you can quickly respond to reviews from one easy dashboard. 
Google Ads
If you're not running Google Ads, you're missing out. Let us complete an opportunity analysis to help determine how we can drive more traffic to your website/online store with a click of a button.
Customer Tagging
Tag customers and create an unlimited amount of workflow automations. Learn more about workflows by clicking here.


Affordable Hardware
All you need is an iPad and hardware from Shopify. Hardware starts at $49. Click here to learn more and order Shopify hardware.
Title Power
Multi-functional titles can be products, collections or apps. Use the titles to do a rewards program or manage a customer's store credit. Click here to learn more.
Not  Just E-Commerce...ALL Commerce
Shopify POS is fully integrated into everything you sell online. Your online ticket is the same ticket on your POS. This is beyond integraton, it is Omni-integrated. 
Gift Cards
Issue digital or hard gift cards when purchased by customers, or in lieu of providing refunds.
Track what staff do on the POS and also give access to staff to view information on the backend. Learn more about staff permissions here.


There are a variety of purposes that a website can serve, but most of them can be traced back to one common goal: generating a profit. With an Omnify website, our goal will be to help convert your online visitors into customers before they even reach your gates!
Any Domain Name
Optimize your brand with a custom domain name purchased through Shopify, use an existing domain name, or take advantage of your free .myshopify.com domain.
Blazing Fast Servers
Offer your customers quick, worldwide access through Shopify's global servers. Never miss a sale with blazing-fast servers and 99.99% uptime. Ticket are sold on Shopify servers and delivered by Funtix servers. This is double protection and means that both servers are sharing the traffic load. 
Level 1 PCI Compliance
Have no fear. Your customer data is always secure.
Mobile First
All websites are built with mobile first in mind and scalable to any size screen.


Great Flat Rates
2.4% onsite and 2.4% online +.30. Amex and international online is 3.15%. Easy to understand and straight forward pricing. 
No Gateway
Shopify Payments is baked into all aspects of Shopify. No need to worry about a gateway account or other hassels. All of your money comes through one processor.
2-Day Funding
Get your money deposited in 2 business days directly into your bank account. 
Fight Chargebacks Like a Pro
Deal with all your chargebacks in one central location. $15 per chargeback that is refunded if you win. Shopify will help you resolve the chargeback and has built-in fraud protection to help avoid them as often as possible.
Simple One-Place Reporting
Look in one spot to see how much revenue you made in one day. Compare to yesterday or last week or year. No need to look 3 places to know how you did for the day.


Curbside Pick-Up
Customers can order online and pick up products at curbside.
Mobile Food Ordering
Customers can order food from their phones and have the order sent right to your POS. 
Future Growth
You may not need it now, but maybe someday you want to sell products online and ship them worldwide. These tools are waiting at your fingertips.
4200+ Apps
You can pretty much do anything in Shopify, with more than 4200+ apps to get your niche needs meet. View apps by clicking here.

Omnify Pricing 

$0.59/online ticket 0.59 US$/online ticket
0.59 CAN$/online ticket
  • Time, date & reservation ticketing 
  • Season Passes
  • Full E-Commerce Solution
  • 2.4% Onsite
  • 2.4% + .30c Online
MAiZE Member Ticketing
$0.59 0.49 US$/online ticket
0.49 CAN$/online ticket
  • Time, date & reservation ticketing 
  • Season Passes
  • Full E-Commerce Solution 
  • 2.4% Onsite 
  • 2.4% + .30c Online 
  • MAiZE Membership Required
Bundle Ticketing
$0.49 0.39 US$/online ticket
0.49 CAN$/online ticket
  • Time, date & reservation ticketing 
  • Season Passes
  • Full E-Commerce Solution 
  • 2.4% Onsite  
  • 2.4% + .30c Online  
  • MAiZE Membership Required
  • Ticketing must be bundled with at least one of the following Omnify solutions:
  • *Point of Sale (POS)
  • *Website 
  • *Digital Marketing (Social Media, Google Ads, Email)

What is an Omni-Channel Solution?

* Choose at least one bundle option to receive bundle ticket price. Availability is limited in 2021. Quote required for each bundle service.

When using your Shopify Plus account for things unrelated to online ticketing a $2,400/year Shopify platform fee will be charged. This platform fee may be absorbed into any website or digital marketing service offered.

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Curated and built by people who run events themselves!

*Some features require third-party apps or integrations, but work from the same core database. The sky is the limit!
**Some features launching end of March.

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Pricing begins at .39/online ticket and goes up to .59/online ticket, depending on whether or not you are bundling Omnify solutions and/or are a MAiZE member. Best value anywhere...guaranteed! (see pricing packages above)


Service activation will launch March 1

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